Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Our prayer as we began . . .

In January, we began a teaching series on prayer, knowing that it would lead into this time of 24/7. This season has been preceded by months of planning and praying for the teaching series and week(s) of prayer, and many more years of prayer that God would touch our hearts with His and draw us to Himself through prayer.

At the beginning of our teaching series, this was our desire:

break us out of the box we have put prayer in.
Break us out of the box we have put YOU in.
Replace our faulty theology, bad past experiences, disinterested complacency, insecurities and inhibiting misbeliefs with Your freeing truth, so we may not only understand and experience prayer anew, but may understand and experience YOU in new and deeper ways as well.

We want to know You.
Lord, teach us to pray.

He has been answering our prayer . . .


Below are some photos of people engaged in the prayer stations last week. It's an amazing thing to feel the love of God and the love of those who invested their time, gifts, talents, heart and soul into preparation of the various stations for this week. It's immediately evident the minute you walk through the door. Click on the photo to see greater detail, and feel free to leave a comment. (Thanks Nancy for the photos)

prayer stations

Here are some photos of the prayer stations that were set up for our 24/7. There are some really awesome projects where people from our church invested a great amount of time, energy and love, like the tree below that has dozens of leaves with items to pray about for our teenagers. Click on the image to see an enlarged version and feel free to leave a comment about the prayer stations or your experiences there. (Thank you Nancy for the photos).

Monday, February 26, 2007

Life Stories: Feeling God's Presence

I came into the building today hurried and distracted, but when I entered the room something was different. The presence of God was so thick and so real--I felt completely enveloped in peace. As I sat there, still.... just absorbing Him, listening to Him, He moved in a beautifully intimate way, and answered one of my deepest heart-cries.

Thank you for being a community of people who is so hungry for the presence of God.

24-hour prayer continues....

Open Door Fellowship is continuing another week of 24-hour prayer (Feb 26-Mar 3). We will remain open 24 hours a day to anyone who would like to come and pray. There are 'Prayer Stations' inside the auditorium which are designed to enlighten, challenge, and draw us to prayer and a deeper understanding of the power and privilege of prayer. There will be worship each night led by artists and worship leaders from throughout the Valley. Come and join us to pray and worship. Stay for an hour, a day or the whole week. It is our hope that in making the sacrifice of prayer we will be drawn to a deeper intimacy with God and experience His power and heart of love for the people of this city, the nation and the world.