Open Door Fellowship and Arizona CityFest

Open Door Fellowship is excited to be part of the Luis Palau Arizona CityFest, and the Season of Service preceding it.  We will be getting involved as a body, and also supporting the events and our fellowship's involvement in it through prayer.

For more info on Arizona CityFest itself, visit their official website:

We are aware that this is not simply a service project, or a community event, but a way to participate in an expression of God's heart of compassion in serving, ministering, and reaching out to others, right here in our own corner of the world, the Valley of the Sun.  And we are aware that any kingdom-focused season/event such as this one will include the need for the intentional participation of God's people in prayer, before, during and after.  We celebrate His design of prayer as a vehicle for relationship and partnership with Him and want to come to Him in agreement with what He is doing and will do.  Keep checking back here for ways and times to be involved in prayer.

UPCOMING WAYS TO BE INVOLVED IN PRAYER for Arizona CityFest and Open Door's involvement:

MARCH 11 - SACRED SPACE, FRIDAY, 6-10 PM - SEE DETAILS HERE:  Unto the Least of These . . .