Friday, September 18, 2009


Something exciting is happening. Some men from our church, including our current teaching pastor, as well as our founding pastor, have written a book. Well, actually, they have written several books, but this one is different, in that it is fiction, and as such, has perhaps the potential to reach a wider and different audience than the others. Those of us from Open Door Fellowship have been eagerly waiting to read it, but even beyond that, we have been eager to share it, because it communicates profound truths that we have been hearing for years, and, in our human imperfection, have been wrestling with, gingerly testing, working out, standing on, and at times even staking our lives on, learning to trust God and others with ourselves.
This blog post today is a challenge to “meet” in prayer here, and call on the Lord together, asking Him to use this book to bless others beyond any of our expectations. To bless many; to bless deeply; to bless permanently, as God woos the hearts of those who read it to connect authentically with Himself and others.
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Wednesday, September 9, 2009


"Let God's Presence be Your Provision"

SACRED SPACE, Friday, Sept. 11, 6pm-10pm

Has life been rough or messy, tiring, tragic, hard? Come to Sacred Space, a safe place to be in the presence of His grace. Come and go as you please, and enjoy a welcoming atmosphere of soft lighting, simple prayer stations, and live worship, designed to draw our hearts to Him.

Come Friday, September 11th, 6pm-10pm, and let God’s Presence be your provision.