Saturday, June 20, 2009

Picture your prayers

It is easy, in the area of prayer, to get hung up on trying to do things the way other people do them, to get tangled up in the "ought to's" and "this ways," instead of allowing God to lead our hearts to Him in the way that best suits the unique creature He has designed us to be! However, there IS profit in hearing "tools" and ideas that have worked for others as we give ourselves permission to simply try and investigate what might work for us.

Here is an idea that Jan Potter sent our way:

"How I changed my picture of prayer" (click on to link with the article)

As you will see, the title of the article is a play on words. I have actually done similar things over the years using photos. You can simply put some snapshots in your Bible, or use the framed photos you have have by your bed or on your wall. What about a prayer collage, where the photos are updated and rotate over time, and as new needs arise? We so often think of prayer as a matter of words, but opening up the other senses, in this case using a visual prompt, can often encourage and enrich our conversations with God.

What types of things have you used as tools or prompts in prayer?