Sunday, May 4, 2008


Ok, here’s the irony: the name of this blog is Unceasing. And we haven’t ceased to pray, but, well, you guessed it, we have had a bit of cessation from blogging! I want to remedy that, even though it is a bit intimidating, since so much time has gone by, and so much has happened!

We want to continue to use this blog as a place to share:
stories of how God is working in us
our passion for Christ, and our love of being with Him
the ways He is maturing us in relationship and partnership with Him through prayer
our belief (and experiences) that the creative arts can be a form of prayer
thoughts, quotes and resources that have encouraged us, that may bless and encourage you as well

But first, we need to catch up . . .

Last year, after our one week of 24/7 prayer, which extended into two weeks, we were stunned, overwhelmed, and grateful at what God had done. But we were also somewhat stumped as to . . . what next? Except of course, for the need for more prayer . . .

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Lite the Fire

In 2008 we were part of an initiative to encourage 24/7 prayer throughout the state of Arizona. Check out our week on the Lite the Fire website.