Monday, June 25, 2007


Robin wraps up her stories on the stations she was involved with with these thoughts:

It is indescribable being able to be used of God to accomplish His will. This time of prayer dedicated to seeking the heart of God has fulfilled in me ideas that God has placed in my heart for many years, but it wasn’t until now that I was commissioned by God to bring those ideas to fruition in this season. The main idea is doing creative things solely for the purpose of drawing others to the love of God. I feel like I can die now that I have done something my spirit has yearned to do for so long.

Along the path I learned many things personally about listening, about seeking, about asking, about humility, about obedience, about networking, about discipline, about purity of heart, about God, about waiting on Him, about spiritual warfare. One of the main lessons I have learned is that it is all about God and His glory. When I focus on Him, He takes care of all that He desires. When I focus on Him being the highest power in the universe, He wins the battles, He removes obstacles, He changes hearts, He will do what brings glory to His Holy name. I just need to join in with His Holy agenda. I just need to step into His glorious plan. He will do it. He is so good to use us in the process.

On a purely practical note, it is obvious the sheer amount of hours that went into all the stations and the hours that went into maintaining the stations. The few stations I worked with took hours to maintain in making copies, folding, stapling, keeping water in the fountain daily, water and bread in the “God cube” for partaking of, fabric for weavings, papers refilled, making more prayer soldiers, figuring out lighting and such. It was a real delight to be a doorkeeper at the house of our God. The prayer focus basically took over my life for two straight months. I was living, breathing, completely focused on the prayer stations. It was a joy for my children as well. As a home school mom, I made a choice to let some school go as we relished this season of prayer.

Each station truly had a sense of the divine hand of God upon it. Each station has a story to tell and people to glow in the sharing of God putting it together. Each station was a work of God through simple servants just seeking the glory of God to shine forth.

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