Saturday, January 31, 2009


From the flame on the altar in the temple, representing the prayers of the saints; to Joshua lingering in the Lord’s Presence in the tent of meeting; to Jesus’ 40 days of prayer and fasting in the wilderness, and His nights spent in prayer; to the 100-year prayer meeting of the Moravians in the 18th century; to the modern day 24/7 prayer movement spreading among youth across the world; and back to the book of Acts, where the early church began in a prayer meeting, God’s people have repeatedly been drawn together for extended times in His Presence, alone and with others. 24/7 prayer sets aside a day, a week, or more, during which individuals and groups commit to a time slot to come to the same, set-aside location to be with the Lord.
We are aware of our need of Him, and so we too are setting aside time to be with Him. This year's week of prayer at Open Door will be March 20th-28th, and the theme is The House of Prayer.

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