Sunday, April 25, 2010


ABOVE:  I loved, during the week of prayer, hearing the rustle of people working in this station.  You couldn't always tell visually that someone was in there, but you could hear them, quietly working on, and working out, the issues of "kingdom community" with God.

We all make many choices as to how we will live out our faith in Christ.  One of these choices involves whether we will choose to live in isolation, or in community, believing that one of the most significant ways the Lord reveals Himself and ministers to us is through one another.

This large prayer station was a heart-felt collaboration between the leadership teams of both our Home Group and Art Core ministries.  The small booth with scripture verses represented the joy of our relationship with the Lord, but ultimately, it was a dead end, because without the support and encouragement of one another, individually, we can only go so far.  The large tent, however, represented how, through our common relationship in Christ, we can offer and receive love and support, and was full of creative activities that underscored, through scripture and group art, the significance and benefit of living in mutual trust and relationship.   relationship.
The "hand" squares, which were part of the creative prayer process in this station, are being sewn into a quilt.  What a great and tangible expression of the truths this station was all about!  

"So then you are no longer as those who have no part or plan in the kingdom of God, but you are numbered among the saints, and of the family of God."  Ephesians 2:19

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