Wednesday, March 16, 2011

St. Patrick's Breastplate

I love the REAL St. Patrick, who interestingly was neither Catholic, nor a leprechaun!  He was a godly man who gave his life to serve God and led many to Christ.

I also love being reminded this time of year of his beautiful prayer which he wrote, called "St. Patrick's Breastplate," as well as sometimes being called the Lorica, and Deer's Cry.  It has been turned into hymns, and gone through various translations over the years, so it sounds a bit different from time to time, depending on which version one is familiar with.  I love it's depth and scope and comforting power, as it keeps our riches in Christ before us in every line and stanza.  Every time I read through it (and also when I recall the parts of it I have memorized), I am blessed with the awareness of God's overwhelming Presence and power in, around, and for me.

Here are two videos that each share St. Patrick's Breastplate in different ways. The first video is of a beautiful song based on it.  You will see as you watch it through that it has not only lovely idyllic scenery, but a powerful everyday application as well!

(NOTE: before you play the videos, disable the sound on the worship music player to the right by hitting pause)

The second video is a reading of my favorite version of the whole prayer-poem.  It's nice because you can see the words as they are read.  I have come to love the rhythm and power of reciting this out loud, which is easy enough to do by reading along with the sound on this down.  You will recognize parts you may be familiar with, but many of us do not realize the grand whole that they come from.  What a rich heritage those who have belonged to Christ and gone before have left us.

Enjoy!  And Happy St. Patrick's Day!

(NOTE: remember to disable the worship player to the right by hitting pause)

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