Saturday, February 28, 2009

24/7 - Not Just For Super-Prayers

Posted by Judi
In the past whenever I heard of an all-night prayer event, I felt intimidated. My mind was filled with thoughts and questions circling around what it would be like and whether I would fit in with the "flavor" of the event. What kind of prayer thing is this? Will I have to pray out loud? What am I supposed to pray about? Will I feel comfortable? Is this just for those few that are so mature that they’ll be praying such beautiful and godly prayers that I, in my tangled up life, won’t even be able to tap in? What if I just want to pray by myself? What will it be like and what’s expected of me?

Let me assure you, the ODF 24/7 Prayer week is not an intimidating event and it’s not just for Super Pray-ers. Among the things I love about 24/7 is the freedom to be who you are and come in whatever spiritual state you’re in. There is no judgement, no right way or wrong way to "do" 24/7. No one is watching you.

Through the curtained doorways of 24/7 will come not just those who appear to have it all together in their relationship with God, not just those who are "super pray-ers", but.....

Some come needing answers. Some come needing quiet.
Some come needing to speak with Him. Some come needing to hear.
Some visit every prayer station. Some visit none.
Some take communion. Some don’t.
Some sing. Some don’t.

Some come not even sure they want to talk to the God who has disappointed them, but they're making an attempt to move toward Him despite their hurt and anger.

Some come with a specific focus, something to discuss with God, seek Him regarding, or hash out with Him.
Some come with no "plan" and instead wait and see where the prayer stations lead them.

Some come to confess.
Some come to repent.
Some come to lay down an idol.
Some come to seek guidance.
Some come to continue their journey of healing.

Some come with Bible in hand. Some don’t.
Some write in a journal. Some don’t.

Some come to worship in the center of the room with others.
Some come to find the most hidden nook in which to plant themselves.
Some come needing just to soak up the tranquility, gently knowing God is there, accepting them as they are.

Everyone is different. We all have different personalities, different needs, different ways of learning, seeing, and relating. God is working in each of us according to who and how He made us. One of my favorite verses is Psalm 59:10b which says, "My God, in His lovingkindness, will meet me." God will meet you where you are and He'll meet you how you are - because He made, knows and loves specifically who you are. He just invites you to come and meet with Him.

Knowing that God has made us all different, that He "meets" us in differing ways according to how He made us, the 24/7 designers have thoughtfully and prayerfully included a variety of prayer stations and prayer spaces for you. The goal is for you to be with God in whatever way that takes shape for you and from whatever starting point you find yourself in.

Come. Be with Him. Your God, in His lovingkindness, will meet you.

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