Monday, October 26, 2009


We've just added a playlist to the blog - if you scroll down you will see it on the left side.  It is a wonderful compilation of songs that will lead you from intimate worship, to personal prayer, to intense intercession, and back again!  If you let it play straight through, it will give you about an hour and a half of inspiration for worship and prayer.  The playlist is a little tricky to navigate - as you probably have noticed, the first song begins to play right away, and then goes down through the list.  However, if you want to scroll down to see or choose another song, you have to click on one of the songs listed, and then use your computer keyboard's down arrow to move lower down on the list.  You may have to do this again in order to see all 15 songs.

These are some of the songs I love and which have ministered to me, as well as some we have used in our prayer and worship times as a group.  Enjoy!  May they draw you close to your Lord.  And comment to tell us which ones you like, or to let us know some of your favorites.

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