Tuesday, December 29, 2009

SACRED SPACE - Human Sex Trafficking

HUMAN SEX TRAFFICKING:  An issue globally; a reality locally.  Did you know that in the U.S., there are more "slaves" -- those held against their will for the purposes and/or profit of another -- than there were in the years preceding the civil war?  Did you know that Phoenix is called the "kidnapping capital" of the U.S., in some respects due to this very issue of human trafficking in the areas of illegal immigration, and the drug and sex trades?  The Lord is placing this issue on our hearts.
  This Sacred Space, Fri., Jan. 8, 6-10 pm, through  
·          Prayer stations
·          A group prayer time
·          The showing (in another room) of “Branded,”  a locally made dvd,we will be focusing on this heartbreaking issue, asking God to raise our awareness, ignite our prayers, and show us how He might be calling us to action.  We will also have our usual live worship and contemplative stations and atmosphere.  Let's come together to seek the Lord's justice and mercy on behalf of those trapped in bondage in our day.


christopher said...

Paula, I wish I had come across this earlier, in time to join in SS. I am so sorry I missed it. This is a very serious issue, one that the Church really should be united in standing against actively and passionately. I am glad that you are still there, doing the work.

Paula said...

Thanks, Christopher! It was a powerful time, both in how the Lord led in the preparations, and also in the actual evening. Get in touch with me - I don't have your contact info -- I want to share with you something that is on my heart in this area ... a next baby step ... that you might want to connect with. Great to hear from you, miss your face!