Saturday, April 7, 2007

Center on Christ / Love One Another / Pray Big Prayers

Center on Christ

Love One Another

Pray Big Prayers

I am thinking that these three statements could make a wonderful mission statement/outline/progression/philosophy/modus operandi for our Thursday night prayer group. We are a group of ragamuffins (ala Brennan Manning's RAGAMUFFIN GOSPEL) who have met together weekly since last June, praying, dreaming, planning and creating for the weeks of prayer in February and March. We have grown from mutually interested attendees to a community of heart-connected friends with shared hopes and dreams.
I'm not trying to come up with a vision of purpose statement, or define us, but I thought of those three statements (above) as I sat here at the computer and reflected on our meeting this past week, and I think that pretty much says it all, and is the essence of our most precious and powerful times together.
Like Thursday night. We focused on scripture about Christ, and then responded to what we read through worship prayers. Then we shifted gears into petition/intercession, asking God to make Jesus, and prayer -- our vehicle of connection with Him -- more truly central in our lives and in our church. I talked about corporate prayer being more effective when we all are attentive to the conductor (Holy Spirit); are sensitive to the unique contribution each of us "orchestra members" had to make; and following the same "melody," played in harmony with one another, rather than simply playing - praying - a series of solos.
We also welcomed a friend of Jan's, Juanita, who was there for the first time, affirmed and prayed for Lyle and Margee, who are leaving next week and will be gone until December, and then sang "Happy Birthday" to dear Deb.

It was a simple time but rich and sweet.

Center on Christ.
Love One Another.
Pray Big Prayers.

I like that.

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