Monday, April 30, 2007


This Thursday, May 3rd is the National Day of Prayer. Join us in the Open Door Sanctuary for an evening prayer service. The sanctuary will open at 6 pm for personal prayer and reflection, and the service will begin at 7 pm. Come join us as we worship, and pray for America's government, families, education system, media, the church in America, and our military.

The photos above are from our weeks of prayer. We asked Cheryl to put together a prayer station focusing on praying for our nation. She came up with the unique approach of using the prayers of our Presidents as the focal point and encouragement for our prayers. Some of these prayers were printed up and posted on the board for all to read; shorter excerpts from the prayers of Presidents Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, and others, were printed on small slips of paper and put in a bowl for us to draw from and take. During the weeks of prayer, the bowl had to be refilled several times. It was powerful not only to read, but also to pray along with, these leaders of our nation. Click here to read some other prayers of our nation's Presidents.

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